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ABSOPULSE Electronics Ltd
Design, Manufacture and Sales

110 Walgreen Rd. Ottawa, Ontario, K0A 1L0, Canada.
Tel: +1-613-836-3511 | Fax: +1-613-836-7488

Thank you for your interest in ABSOPULSE Electronics products.

As a custom design manufacturer, we are focused on designing and building power conversion solutions to meet the requirements of our customers' applications.

Please tell us what you need in the 'Message' box below and we will prepare a proposal for you.

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Please provide input voltage/current, output voltage/current, output power, mechanical specifications, operating environment, application and any other relevant information about your project.

The more information that you send us at the outset, the quicker we will be able to provide you with a proposal for a power supply solution. Thank you.

Sales Office: Australia/N.Z - Helios Power Solutions Pty Ltd
2A Angas St., Meadowbank, 2114, Sydney
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Design, Manufacture, Sales: Absopulse Electronics Ltd.
110 Walgreen Rd. Ottawa, Ontario. K0A 1L0, Canada
Tel: +1-613-836-3511   |   Fax: +1-613-836-7488
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Sales in Europe: Absopulse Marketing Europe GmbH
P.O Box 1501. CH-8620 Wetzikon, Switzerland
Tel: 41-78-896-5049   |   Fax: 41-44-932-3844
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