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125Vdc Output AC-DC Power Supply with Universal PFC Input delivers 400W

Installation on a heat-sinking surface not required

ABSOPULSE Electronics PFH 53TF Series of ac/dc switching power supplies deliver up to 400W output power from a compact 4.5 x 5.3 x 10.3in enclosure. The supplies employ a power factor corrected input and a following half-bridge stage to convert the universal ac-input voltage (95V to 264Vac) to 110Vdc, 125Vdc or 150Vdc output with fan cooling. DC-input versions are also available. The isolated, floating outputs can be grounded to either terminal, so that the unit can be used in either positive or negative grounded systems, or left floating. Alternatively, several units can be connected in series for higher voltage. An optional built-in redundancy diode is available to allow for paralleling and N+1 operation, or connection to a back-up battery. An optional Form C output fail alarm may also be installed.

The power supplies meet the EN61000-3-2 directive for active power factor correction, comply with EN/IEC60950-1 and meet the requirements for CE marking. Protection features include 4300Vdc input/output isolation, overload, over-voltage and short circuit protection with thermal shutdown and self-resetting.

The supplies are suitable for a broad range of heavy-duty applications including industrial automation, power utilities and telecommunications. They can be installed on thermally non-conductive surfaces, such as plastic, as well as on curved or uneven surfaces. Installation on a heat-sinking surface is not required because the unit does not rely on conduction cooling.

Heavily ruggedized and conformal coated versions of this design are available for applications that require immunity to high levels of shock, vibration and/or humidity.

Specifications for PFH 53TF Series.

ABSOPULSE offers an extensive range of ac/dc power supplies designed and manufactured for operation in challenging environments. These rugged designs can readily be modified to meet customer electrical and mechanical requirements. We also provide fully-custom solutions with short delivery times and low set-up costs.

If you would like to discuss your application requirements or would like a quotation, please let us know here.

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November 2012.

Detailed specifications for this design, please download our generic datasheet below

PFH 53TF generic datasheet

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