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300VA, IP66, EN50155 Compliant DC-AC Sine Wave Inverter for Railway and other Heavy-duty Applications
(RSI 300-IP66 Series)
September 2014
Railway quality DC-DC converter with built-in RIA 12 withstand capacity
(DCR 100R and DCR 150R Series)
August 2014
300VA Convection Cooled, Open-frame 3-Phase Sine Wave Inverter
(CTP 300 Series)
July 2014
1kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Very Low Output Noise
(CSI 1K-3U3LN Series)
May 2014
3-Phase Sine Wave Inverter Delivers 10,000VA in Industrial Environments
(CTP 10K Series)
April 2014
200W, IP66, EN50155 Compliant DC-DC Converter for Railway and other Severe Environments
(RWY 200-IP66)
March 2014
1000VA Pure Sine Wave Inverters with 3-Phase output Suit Heavy-Duty Applications
(CTP 1K)
Feb. 2014
50VA Pure Sine Wave Inverters Suit Heavy-Duty Applications
(CSI 50)
Jan. 2014
Opto-less, Wide Input Range DC/DC Converter
Extends Operating Life to 30 years.
(DHR 150)
Dec. 2013
150W Opto-less, AC-DC Power Supply with PFC-input designed for 30-year Operating Life
(PHR 150)
Nov. 2013
1kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverters Suit Heavy-Duty Applications
(CSI 1K-U5515)
Oct. 2013
300VA Encapsulated Pure Sine Wave Inverter Suits Severe Environments
(PSI 300)
Oct. 2013
300VA Sine Wave Inverter - New Compact High-performance Series
(CSI 280-F3 Series)
Sept. 2013
480Vac, 3-phase Input AC-DC Power Supply delivers 3kW
(HVI 3K)
July 2013
AC/DC Power System with four Combinable 12Vdc/50A Outputs for Product Test & Engineering labs
(LPS 2K5-U/4x12CT)
July 2013
2U Rack-mount Power System features Hot-replaceable 1kW Modules
(BAP 3K-CR2U/19-3 Series)
June 2013
120W, Corona-free DC/DC Converter features 20kV Isolation Voltage
(DIO 120)
May 2013
2kVA, AC-AC Frequency Converter delivers Stable Sine-wave Voltage for Generator Driven Control Circuitry and Instrumentation
May 2013
DC-DC Converters with Ultra-wide Input Range deliver 120W
(DPF 120 Series - previously called PFD 120)
March 2013
200W Railway Quality DC/DC Converters suitable for installation on Vehicle Chassis or Machine Chassis
(BAP 236RTH Series)
Feb 2013
300Vdc Input, 2.5kW DC/DC converter modules target rugged industrial applications
(HBC 2K5F Series)
Feb 2013
Heavy-duty, Portable Charger for 100Ah/12V NiMH Batteries
Railway & Industrial Environments
(BCP 130-PEL Series)
Feb 2013
3kW, Variable Output AC/DC Power Supplies for Engineering Labs or in the Field (LPS 3K Series) Jan 2013
1000W Rugged, DC/DC Converter designed for Heavy-duty Industrial Environments

Jan 2013
ABSOPULSE Electronics' most recent expansion is underway.

Dec 2012
250W DC/DC Converters designed for curved, uneven or thermally non-conductive surfaces on vehicles or machine chassis - no fans or installation on a heat-sinking surface required
(BAP 236HT Series)

Sept 2012
4500W Rack-mount AC/DC Power System with Hot-insertable 1500W Modules
(PFC 4K5-3U19 Series)

July 2012
400W AC/DC Power Supply Suits Railway and other Extreme Environments
(POL 400R Series) Encapsulated AC/DC Power Supply

May 2012
Dual-output, 250W, dc/dc Converter Suits Railway and other Extreme Environments
(RWY 252H Series) Encapsulated DC/DC Power Converter

April 2012
Redundant Rack-mount AC/DC Power System with Plug-in Modules
delivers up to 5kW
(PFC 419F-5K-4U19 Series)

March 2012
2kW/600Vdc Industrial Grade PFC-input Battery Charger
(BCP 2K-E/600)

Feb. 2012
1kW, Industrial Quality DC/DC Converter with convection cooling
- no fans or forced air required (BAP 1K-U7712)

100VA Portable 115V/60Hz Sinewave Inverter with built-in Battery and Charger. (CSI 100-24V24AH-AA-PEL)

Dec. 2011
2kW ac/dc power supply with PFC-input and inherent redundancy for heavy-duty industrial applications. (PFH 2K)

Nov. 2011
Dual-output, 100W Power Supply with Universal AC-input suits Railway Environments. (MIW 152R)

Nov. 2011
150W, Rugged, Dual-output Power Supply accepts Universal AC-input or DC Input (MIW 152)

Oct. 2011
750W Rugged, AC/DC Power Supply Enables Start-up in Switchgear Motors
(HBC 319-A/125FTS)

Sept. 2011
1kW Convection cooled AC/DC power supply with inherent redundancy designed for rugged industrial applications. (PFL 1K-XXF44T)

August 2011
Industrial Grade AC/DC Power Supply with PFC-Input delivers 750W
(PFC 65F-125)

July 2011

250W, Rugged, High-density DC/DC Converter suits Rugged Industrial Environments (BAP 190 Series)

June 2011
400Vac Input, AC/DC Power Supply with PFC-Input delivers 3kW in Industrial Applications (PHI 3K Series)

June 2011
500W AC/DC Power Supply suits Harsh Industrial Environments
(HBC 500)

May 2011
AC/DC Plug-in Power Supply Module with PFC-input delivers up to 1500W in industrial environments (PFC 619F)

May 2011
700Vdc Input, 50W DC/DC Converter Suits Rugged Industrial Applications
(HVI 50)

April 2011
2KVA, Rugged, Portable Inverter with Sine Wave Output for Field Applications

Jan. 2011
280W, Encapsulated DC/DC Converter for Railway Environments
(RWY 280H)

Nov. 2010
300VA, Rugged Railway Quality Sine Wave Inverter
(RSI 300)

Oct. 2010
200W, Industrial AC/DC Plug-in Power Supply with 125Vdc output & PFC-input
(PFC 53-125EH)

Sept. 2010
150W, Rugged, Encapsulated, DC/DC Converter for Railway Environments
(RWY 150)

Sept. 2010
30W, Rugged DC/DC converter modules target railway applications
(DCW 30R)

August 2010
Encapsulated, DC/DC Converter delivers up to 1kW in Extreme Environments (PDC 765)

July 2010
600Vdc Input, Rugged DC/DC Converter in all-Electric Supercar
(HVI 300-600/14)

June 2010
Power Conversion Solutions:
Custom and

At any given time, our engineering and production teams are working on numerous new switch-mode power supply designs.

We offer an extensive range of power conversion solutions designed and built for operation in heavy duty environments.

These designs can readily be modified to meet customer specified electrical and mechanical requirements.

We also provide fully-custom solutions with short delivery times and low set-up costs.

Only a few examples of our generic designs are included on this website.

Rather than searching for an existing design to meet your application requirements, please get in touch with us and tell us what you need.   

We look forward to the opportunity to discuss the power conversion requirements of your next project.

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